Luminiferous aether, co-creating with ChatGPT and why it sucks, word portraits by Phil Vance and 1 dataset but 100 visualisations by Ferdio.
Dealing with sickness, borrowing ideas, design researchers as conversationalists, love as a choice, appreciative inquiry, fulfilling adult loneliness …
A reminder to not rely solely on theoretical knowledge, creating a perspective calculator, math in visual arts & UX Stack Exchange.
Testing in Biaora, kids and their lives in the village, the worry of their parents and pushing respondents into a reflective zone as a researcher.
Do things out of love, 80 contacts, teaching in parallel, reflection to inform action & reaction, being humbled by experience and some powerful words.
Saying goodbye, exploring whether you could live in oblivion, intuition as a designer, optimum line length & a typography index.
Making it to the p5.js showcase, thoughts on living life week-to-week, making to avoid ambiguity, progress on my website, experiments with music…
A thought on new year resolutions, learning how to develop websites, choosing fonts based on personality,, The Creativity Code, an AI image…
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